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Tape to Tape's experienced in-house composers are able to create original custom compositions in any style for any project

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Jon Rick

Uber, Dove, Capital One, Toyota and Liberty Mutual are just a few companies Jon Rick has created music for. From his personal studio, The Rick Room, the multi-instrumentalist creates custom tracks ranging from dramatic scores to anthemic jingles and everything in between. Years of playing in various bands including indie rock group These Animals has fined tuned Jon’s musicianship and creativity enabling him to meet any project's vision. 

(Cinematic Rock, Pop, Indie, Sound Design, Jingles)

Ryan Doyle

As front man for his former band More Than Me and current project RYNO, Ryan Doyle has performed around the world from London to Guam, while opening for legends Paul McCartney, Stevie Wonder and Pearl Jam. Ryan’s envious ability to create catchy pop hooks at the snap of a finger provides clients with bright, uplifting and motivational soundtracks that help their stories standout. 

(Pop, Rock, Electronic, Jingles)

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Brad Morrison

Brad Morrison is one of the rare musicians who can create the perfect track for your project but then also help you sell it. When he is not applying his marketing data analytics skills in the business world, he is playing drums in his band Montrose 5, guitar in another band Smoke & Sugar or crafting emotional and dense backdrops for Tape to Tape clients.

(Beats, Electronic, Ambient, Indie)

Mike Hall

From video games to horror movies, Mike Hall has over 20 years of experience composing, scoring and sound designing for every medium. Whether it’s a high-speed car chase in city streets or an alien takeover, Mike brings his passion, experience and professionalism to every project. 

(Film Score, Sound Design, Orchestral)

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Branden Sanchez

Branden Sanchez is a "Jack of All Trades", but the music he creates is anything but a cliche. From powerful Hozier "Take Me To Church" style to laid back Jack Johnson ukulele and dance party Calvin Harris jams, Branden creates relevant music across every genre in a way that's all his own. Whether it's an instrumental backdrop or full fledged song with horns and vocals, Branden takes on every project as though he's writing a song to include on his next album. 

(Pop, Rock, Soul, Jingles, Electronic)


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Brian Crimmins

Brian Crimmins is comfortable wearing many different hats. As a composer, multi-instrumentalist and audio-post-production engineer, Brian has produced and played in indie rock bands and assisted in the music departments with T. Griffin and Remote Control Studios/Hans Zimmer. It doesn’t matter if you are creating a film, commercial or Youtube video, Brian brings his experience and knowledge from all his journey’s through the music world.

(Film Scores, Jingles, Sound Design, Post-Production)

Ryan Seaton

Ryan Seaton is an artist in every sense of the word. Indie rock band, performing arts, film & TV scores, Ryan's work has been featured at BAM, New York Live Arts, Baryshnikov Arts Center, the Kitchen, Danspace and on NPR and Red Bull's "The Road Trick". As a multi-instrumentalist, Ryan's worldly travels come through in every project, whether he is handling horn arrangements, sound design or singing over an indie or electronic track he's written and recorded.

(Electronic, World, Scores, Indie, Sound Design)


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